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To post a message, click here or send an e-mail to In the Subject line, please write: Kokosing Message Board - please post. If you would like your e-mail address included in the message please say so - otherwise, it will be omitted. Messages will be posted in a few days at most, barring the demands of work and bath time - not mine, the kids.

Click here to see Archived Messages from before the reunion.

More narrative-style memories can be found in the 'Writing Gallery' where we would also like to post short (1-2 paragraph) updates on what you are doing now and how you got there. Please send your bio!!! Click here for the e-mail address.


John Vena Hello All, I have changed jobs and therefore e-mail address since the last reunion. I can be reached at My cell is the same at 732 740 7793. I seem to have lost touch with my good buddy Warren Austerer. Warren if youíre out there or if anyone has heard from him, let me know. Best to all, John Vena

John Vena
Vice President - Water Resources
Birdsall Services Group, Inc.


Pete Horenstein Hi- I'm [still] Pete Horenstein - and attended Kokosing for a few summers in the early '40s (see my previous post). "Now is Life's most Precious Time" is as true today (I just turned 79) as it was then, and it's a mantra I have passed down to my children and grandchildren. I remember with great fondness Bill Sr. and "Mrs R ", as well as Bill Jr., Don (although he was in the army for much of the war) and Dick, and my memories of those summers are some of the best I remember still. Last year we visited the old site on Miller Pond and were pleased to see it is now a much upgraded camp for autistic children. We have an autistic grandson (Aspergers) and were thrilled with what we saw there. The director was very cordial, interested in our recollections of Kokosing, and gave us a tour of the place, -a large pool has been added near the site of the old bunkline, but the waterfront at the lake is much as it was 70 years ago,-just newer and with more boats and equipment. All the residential facilities [bunks] are recent structures, but the mess hall is still standing and in use. (I missed seeing the award plaques on the upper walls!) Nothing ever remains the same, and nothing is ever as good as the memories of what was, -but it was good to see the old Kokosing site still operating as a summer camp, and still serving the needs of kids and their families. I'll try to get to the 2012 reunion, although I don't expect I'll recognize anyone there.


Sid Korn

Hi, I am Sid Korn, I was at Kokosing in the late 50's to 62. I am amazes to find this site after all of these years. Also interested to see there is a disabled kids camp there now. Kokosing so helped me in an unhappy childhood. Hope to see more.

Regards, Sid

Adrienne Freeman

Camp Kokosing Summer of 2012 Reunion!

Saturday, July 28th from 6PM-9PM
@The Benjamin Hotel
125 East 50th Street (btwn Lex & 3rd, closer to Lex)
NY, NY 10022

We can hang out at the bar of our restaurant, Geoffrey Zakarian's "The National" afterward, which is downstairs from the party room.

The cost is $65/person Food and open bar included during the party hours! A block of 20 rooms, single/double occupancy, have been reserved for our event, at a discounted rate of $249.

Believe me, at the 4-Diamond Benjamin, this is a bargain. Also, if you plan on being more than two in a room, I wouldn't mention it while making the reservation. There is sometimes an upcharge for an extra person, and it is unlikely that anyone would notice, so just confirm up to two of you/room, which is what I'm sure the case will be anyway. I am assuming that those of you planning on staying with us are staying for just the night of the event, however, 5 rooms in the event block have been saved..

All checks should go to :

Adrienne Freeman
Box 263
511 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10011

12-12-11 Leah Rachlis

There is a reunion planning committee that is working to plan a reunion for the summer of 2012, the proposed dates are 7/28/2012 in NYC. The committee would like feedback on these dates to proceed with reunion planning. Please send your feedback to or join the camp kokosing facebook page to answer the survey questions.

An email has been sent to everyone whose email was on our most recent mailing list (2009), if you have not received an email and would like to be kept up to date on the reunion plans, please email your contact information to: Leah Rachlis

Thanks, Leah

11-08-28 Stephen Kohn Why haven't I heard from any people from kokosing who attended from 1946 to 1949. Is it just that everyone from those years has died? I'm 76--and can understand if they have. Or perhaps very few people from those years don't have anything resembling a computer. In any case, I would love to know what happened to Roger Post, whom Toby Berger mentioned in his letter. Richard Rolfe's present whereabouts are unknown to me. I suspect that he has been in the grave for a long time. If you have any information at all about anyone who attended in those years please email me at Looking forward to hearing from you.
11-06-10 Leah Rachlis There is a newly formed 2012 reunion committee, if you were not on the mailing list in 2005, please send your contact info to Leah Rachlis at or visit "2012 Kokosing Reunion planning on facebook." Thanks, Leah
10-12-26 Lynn Perlman

HI - I am Lynn Perlman and was at Kokosing for two wonderful summers in the mid 1950's. I was recently in Vermont and went and found Kokosing. It is now a camp for kids with disabilities. After walking around, I decided to explore on the internet and found this website!


My twin sister, Judy (Perlman) Merbaum was at Kokosing too and also had a wonderful time. I have wonderful memories of canoe trips, (the Rangeley Lakes and the St Lawrence River) hikes, (Moosilaukee and Cannon and Washington) plays (Allegro) skinny dipping in the lake, raids on the boys/girls cabins, and riding in the back of the pickup truck seeing a magnificent rainbow. Some of the people I remember are Judy Schub, Judy Rabkin, Judy Fleiss, Tommy and Jonny Harris, Jon Schwartz, Susie Schwartz, Toni Brody , Lydia Lupe... If anyone is still writing to this website, I'd love to be in contact.

Regards, Lynn Perlman

10-12-05 stephen kohn Well----I will be 76 years old on July 28th--61 years since my last year at Kokosing. I was wondering if anyone from the years I attended (1946-49) would be interested in getting together. That is--if anyone from those years is still alive. I live in Manhattan, on West 24th Street. My phone is 1212-929-3846. The best time to call is before 10AM.
10-11-06 Steve Goldblatt

Dropped by the website many times, checked out Facebook site.

Thrilled to reminisce (spellcheck please).

In photo gallery, set 12, soccer photo On the far right is Allan Levenson (spelling), same year as I was, prob 1970,71. Boyfriend of Laura Latham, not that I did not have a crush on her (and for the record, I think everyone had a crush on Gina Gold). The chubby curly haired afro-latino was Ralph Burton, "oh snap!" and "if you don't hurry up we're gonna miss Bone Jaez!!". A year younger than me. When it came to me, Kokosing had me at hello.

Steve Goldblatt 1969-1977.

10-08-16 Ellie Baker

JoAnne, Itís a long time since you posted the sad note about your husband, Ed Kaplan, but I only just saw it. I remember him well and fondly from Kokosing. Iím so sorry to hear of his death. I wanted to send you a personal note, but had no way (no email address) other than posting a reply to this message board. Please let me know if you see this.

Ellie Baker (

09-11-17 Jose Cruz

Unbelievable! My name is Jose Cruz and I attended Camp Kokosing in 1976-77, if my memory serves me correctly.My first summer I went with my brother Manny and my sister Lita, as campers. The second summer, I worked in the kitchen with Grover, my sister worked in the infirmary. Those were great summers, with unforgetable memories. I still canít believe I found this site. I was thinking about the place today, and made a note to check the web, to see if I could find any info and now Iím just dumb founded. If thereís anyone left from those summers, please contact me through these postings. And thank you to those whoíve kept the memories alive with this site.

jcruz90 at

08-24-09 JoAnne Kaplan My name is JoAnne and I am the wife of the late Ed Kaplan. (Valley Stream) In case you didn't know, my sweet Ed died from pancreatic cancer on December 30, 2007. Recently I came across some Kokosing materials. I have two Kokosing songbooks (one is dated 1969) and a complete program from "A Fiddler on the Roof". (starring Ed of course). I know that Ed was particularly fond of his Kokosing days and his friends there and in fact he kept these things safe and sound for so many years. I thought perhaps they might have some sentimental value to other campers. Please let me know if anyone is interested and I will forward them to you. Be well and be happy. Life is short. Best, JoAnne kaplan
08-02-09 Laura Bean

I attended KoKosing in the early to mid sixties as a camper,... best summers of my life. Memories are hazy, but all good.

I was driving by Thetford Ctr VT, yesterday and googled Camp Kokosing on a whim. Also discovered a Camp Kokosing group on facebook!

06-09-09 David S.

My name is David and I was 11 & 12 when I attended Camp Kokosing.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I was looking through the pictures that were posted. While I was not in any of them, they definitely brought back memories that I thought I had completely forgotten about.


It is funny I was just adopted in late '74 and in 76 & 77 I spend four of the best weeks of my life at Kokosing. I was so mad at my father, at the time, because the 2nd year he said I'd be able to stay for a second term but that never ended up happening. I have often thought about the camp and some of the people that I met there. The sad part is that I only remember first names. :-(

If anyone remembers a skinny shy, angry at times, black kid from New York City during the summers of 76 & 77 please contact me.

Best of wishes to the extended Kokosing family.


03-30-09 Ron and Wendy Rothenberg

From Ron and Wendy Rothenberg:

Hello fellow Kokosingers,

Anne Rothenberg, passed away yesterday (Saturday - March 28). Anne had recently had hip surgery, recuperation was tricky and it seems it was all a lot for her body to take. The funeral will be in Yonkers, NY this Tuesday, 3/31 with a gathering at Ronnie and Diana's home following. (details below)

(From Wendy) For those who knew and loved Anne, singing and playing the piano is how I'll always think of her.

Funeral 3/31 at 11:30 AM at Weinstein's Memorial Chapel, 1652 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 914-793-3800. (This is near the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Tuckahoe Road). The family will be receiving guests at the Funeral Parlor starting at around 11:00 am.

We will also be having a get together at our home after the service at the cemetery. This should be at around 1:30 PM. Our house is located at:
286 Mile Square Road Yonkers, NY 10701 914-965-2511


RONDI2005@OPTONLINE.NET (Ron Rothenberg's e-mail)

03-16-09 Manny Cruz

Hello Everyone,

My name is Manny Cruz and I once had the incredible pleasure of spending my summer at Camp Kokosing. For some time now I have had a pretty rough time recalling what year I was there, but I was browsing thru the photo gallery and surprisingly I found a photo which I think shows me in the back row. I think it's photo number 245 (titled "Last Day of Camp 1976). there's a lot that I vaguely remember, with the exception of these things: I was a helper in the mess hall/kitchen; I remember someone named Grover who had a very raspy, hoarse voice and who was very close to the Rothenberg family (he also worked in the kitchen); I remember trying to be a show-off and punching the wall in my bunk and my hand not exactly going thru the sheetrock as I thought it would, but instead it hit a solid wood stud in the wall. i remember that they had to take me to a hospital in New hampshire. I think right now Im just trying to find out if there's anyone out there that was also at camp in the summer of 1976 and who might remember me.

You can email me at


Wendy Rothenberg



Vicki Moritz

Barry Mazor

Hello Kokosingers! For those on Facebook, there's a Camp Kokosing group!! Only 30 or so of us so far, but what fun to reconnect this way. I'm not expert enough to tell you how to find it, but just search for "Camp Kokosing" and then groups and you'll find us. As my grandfather said, "Now is Life's Most Precious Time", so join in. Wendy Rothenberg

Hi guys! Is everyone aware of the Camp Kokosing page on Facebook? Check it out. Much fun to be had... V. Moritz

For anybody here who uses Facebook on the Web, there's now a working Camp Kokosing group there, with dozens of members signing on for the fast and easy communication. Lonnie Lore Beer set it up, and it's good idea.. -Barry Mazor

01-20-09 Henrik West

Hi there,

Being new on the internet I have just recently discovered your (our) website. I had the great pleasure of being counsellor for two season 1955 and 1956 and my jobs were at the waterfront. Canoeing, boating, swimming A little bit of sailing and took trips with some of the campers to lake Memfamego, Lake Winnipisaki (both probably spelt wrong)and a mountain Trip to mount Washington. For me it was a lot of fun and I have so often thought back and reminded me about life in camp.

I have had a good life, but must admit that the best is over, but I am still fascinated by sailing and have had a number of sailing boats. I have Been crewing on a sailing vessel that to-day is 153 years, and I have also been crew member on the largest vessel in Denmark that does not have a propulsion Engine. It is sometimes a job to get the vessel, that loads maybe 50 ton in and out of a harbor for sail alone.

Anybody interested in taking contact with me I shall be pleased to answer your calls. Anybody visiting Denmark give me a call I am only 15 minutes away from our international airport Copenhagen Airport Kastrup. Through your website I found Danish Kis Meyer, who was counsellor in 1955 and we have taken up correspondence per E-mail.

I hope to hear from someone that could be fun A warm KO KO SING From John Now : Henrik West Engvej 45 DK 2791 dragoer Denmark Phone (45) 32 53 18 90 Mobile (45) 22 99 46 86 E-mail I hope to hear from someone

1-15-09 Amy (Ellenberg) Thurman

An updated hello from Amy Ellenberg, nowThurman... Hi again !

Some of you seem to still be posting messages here which surprised me and is cool. I had fun at the reunion a couple years ago and missed seeing some campers in my bunk where I was asst counselor- sally ramirez, vicky moritz, moose....really had fun singing with them from Sound of Music(doe ray me fa fay...) , and so many other memories. And Abby I sure do remember 'Oh Music Thou Most...' harmony :) and nice to see you too...Debby Kaplan, Jean Warschauer(Stevens now), Ellen Bovarnick, Ellen Baker, Stephanie Gibson (or did I see a message from you and you weren't at the re-union?), Amy Gillenson Upper Seniors :)

Anyway I am not a "past" person, very now-oriented, but it was very fun and I would enjoy anyone who wants to email me...Laurie Walkoff (now Levine), ...etc etc etc !!!! From Kew Gardens Queens, and I'm in Kansas City now, and will be in CA sometime hopefully living there again....I' m still engaged with a 20 yr relationship behind it ! And things have been good. If I didn't mention you, write anyway---it's fun to see who's still on the site!

amy e.

12-15-08 Vicky Moritz

Hey there fellow KOKO people! Vicky Moritz here. It's Holiday time again and I thought I'd check in. How the heck are all of you?

You wouldn't believe the incredible pictures I have of all of you from that amazing reunion. What a blast that was. It's taken me far too long to get in touch, but better late than never. I hope this crazy recession isn't hurting anyone the way it has so many people. For those of you who don't know,

I've been a pretty successful Chef for the past 18 years, and have been working at the very tony Benjamin Hotel in New York for the past 6 years. It's been quite the experience over the years working with the best Chefs in New York at the best restaurants our fair city has had to offer. For those of you who remember me as an actress (thanks a bunch to Barry and Peggy), I've had some accomplishments therein too, and recently was cast in a wonderful short film soon to be screened at various film festivals.

I've been living in Brooklyn for the past 10 years, as I told some of you at the reunion, following a somewhat unpleasant divorce (don't feel bad, I'm just fine), and miss and think of you all often. I know we all have jobs and responsibilities to tend to every day, but let's stay in touch as best we can. A special "shout out" to all my buds from Kokosing 1969-1977, and may everyone have a happy, healthy, and safe entry into 2009. I LOVE YOU LWKO(little white Kokosing Owl)

10-15-08 Lance Kulb

I accidentally stumbled upon this website during lunchtime this afternoon. I have searched over the years but never was able to link up to anything. My name is Lance Kulb and I attended during the summers of 1966 and 1967 and came back to visit at the end of August, 1968. I have many, many fond memories of the summers I spent in Vermont especially the canoe trips, the 1967 Expo in Montreal and buying cheap cigarettes from the vending machine in the Village Green ice cream parlor in Hanover (I managed to kick the habit over 20 years ago).

Thanks, Lance.

08-28-08 Bruce Morgan

Hi everyone.

I just found this website and boy does it bring back memories, I was a counselor in '59 and '60 I think. Does anyone remember me or the times we had on those canoe trips down the St. Lawrence, Sebago Lake in Maine(sleeping in the garbage dump). Write back if you do.

Bruce Morgan

05-19-08 Ronnie Rothenberg

You may remember the sign in the front of the Dining Hall which said "NOW IS LIFE'S MOST PRECIOUS TIME". It was my grandfather's (Bill Sr.) favorite saying! That original sign is now hanging on a porch in my cousin Donna Rothenberg Savage's home. She recently received it after it was removed from the Dining Hall by my family as a memento of Kokosing. She sent me a photo and I was inspired to make an almost exact replica of it which now hangs in front of my country home in Fort Plain, NY. Attached is a photo of it. Feel free to post it on the website along with my comments if you choose. I notice that there has not been any action on the website for quite awhile. Maybe this might stimulate some communication. My best,

Ronnie R.

02-08 -Barry M., Nashville

I hope people are still checking back at this site now and then.There are some live video clips of Elliott Michael's band Galleon up at this link:

For anyone who doesn't know--and it will be clear enough when you see him perform--Elliott was, of course, the fellah many of us knew well as Max Ogur.

10-04-07 Max Hartshorne

I just found this page with all of this memory all laid out in stories. I love the stories about the big green truck, I rode back there year after year, and remember going to Paper Moon at a New Hampshire theater and riding home. I was happy that I was able to make it to the reunion, it was fun to see so many people...even if it took longer to recognize everybody!

Thank you for putting up a website like this, it is really fun to read and well done.

I also loved that mudsliding. To this day every time I see it raining really hard I think wow, we could have a mudslide. Did any of you (men mostly!) ever try to do a mudslide after you left camp? I did. And it just didn't work. I think they had a special clay soil that was perfect for creating a slick surface. But that's a great memory. Francis Harris. Yes indeed I remember many times with you. I think I was there 68-72.

Thank you everyone!

Max Hartshorne
4a Sugarloaf St.
P.O. Box 4
So. Deerfield MA 01373


Andy Seiler


Rachel , Mike:

This is Andy Seiler, former Kokosing camper.

1. Please note: My email address is no longer It is: .

2. I wish I could be at the reunion. In case anyone remembers the guy with the glasses who was the main reporter at the camp newspaper in the early '70s until NPR's Melissa Block came along, my latest health update is posted in the writing gallery.

Feel free to forward it. Have a great time! Andy Seiler
08-22-07 Mike Vecchiarelli, AKT Hello one and all, Please register (preferrably on-line) soon if you have any inkling of going to the Reunion We can settle up payments when you arrive but I need to have a final head count on or before Aug. 22 (that's by the end of the day tomorrow!) so we can order food and such. I hope to post an ad hoc program shortly but, meanwhile consider what you want to do, bring disks, b-ball, bathing suits, yoga matts, arts and craft supplies, kick ball, pictures, stories, etc. Mike V.
08-06-07 Mike Vecchiarelli, AKT

It's almost time. Come one, come all, spread the word and see you there!!! Thoreau and Kokosing folk from coast to coast, and through the years, are gathering this September on site at Miller Pond in Vermont:

Yours in the Outdoors, Mike V.

07-10-07 Henry Zelman Hi from Cleveland OHIO. I was a camper in 1971. I noted on the KoKosing message board that Peggy and Doug Smith are from Cleveland. If so, it would be cool to link up. My e-mail is My fondest memories are of water skiing on Miller Pond, the six day mountain hiking trip with Josh and others, playing tennis with Jeff and Danny, and oh yeah Carol. I also remember Bob Margolis striking out the last batter in the marathon 12 inning game during the Hanover tournament. Well, thats it for now.

Henry Zelman
July 6, 2007 Mike Vecchiarelli, AKT

Could you please post this wonderful "thanks" at your Kokosing web site as well as a reminder of the reunion that is being planned for Labor Day Weekend. We're hoping one of the draws for the weekend will be that it is on-site at the camp in Vermont!!!

Mike Vecchiarelli, AKT

Dear Thoreau Friends,

Deandre is almost done with his second week of Independent Lake Camp.

In his letters he has let us know that he is having a great time and
making new friends every day. He is deeply grateful for this
opportunity to spend four weeks at camp. Deandre's letters are short
and they always end with, "I'm sorry that I didn't write more, but I
have to go to .." We couldn't have asked for more.

Deandre understands that many people, including Thoreau and Kokosing
people, came together to pay for his camp tuition. Through a letter to my family, Deandre would like you to know that he is, "very happy about
what you are doing for me." Deandre's grandmother continues to be
deeply touched by and grateful for the outpouring of support.

(For those of you new to this network, several former campers and the
Association of Kokosing and Thoreau made generous donations this winter
to help pay for Deandre's camp tuition. Deandre is 14 and could not
afford to attend camp of any kind.)

When Deandre returns, he will attend our high school's summer
football camp for a few days. He has looked forward to this for a while too.

Thankfully, football camp may ease his transition back and, we hope,
soften the homesickness that he'll feel for Independent Lake Camp. Last
year, Deandre was very sad to leave ILC. Some of the locally donated
funds were applied to football camp tuition.

I hope you are enjoying your summers too. Thank you for your
enthusiasm and support. Deandre could not have gone to camp without you.

Best Wishes,



Hi Ronny----Sorry that you had a heart condition and hope you feel well now. Steve kohn here--from 1946--47-48-49------Please include my email address on the bulletin board--I dont have your email address Ronny!

Does anyone know the dates of birth and death for Bill Rothenberg Sr? Also I would like to have some pictures from 1946 thru 1949-------

April 07 Mike Vecchiarelli, AKT Hello Camp Kokosing folk, friends, and associates,

What: Camp Reunion!!!
When: Labor Day Weekend, September 1-3, 2007
Where: On Miller Pond in Strafford Vt. (you know, where Camp was)
Who: Family, Staff, and Friends from any Camps Kokosing and Thoreau
(yeah, that covers anyone that you'd like to come along)
Why: Really now…
How: Show up, enjoy!

Does that answer all the questions? No?

We'll have meals (of course), on and off-site lodging, camp fires, music, and just great folk from generations of…Us. It's all being hosted by the Association of Kokosing and Thoreau with the new property owners Camp Group/Lakeside Retreats. They will provide the meals and staff for the waterfront; we'll do all the rest.

If you'd rather not share cabin space or tent on site I've been able to get us some great rates at local B&Bs and Hotels, but they're on a first come first serve basis so hurry up and book now.

Go to the "Reunion" link at (don't forget to refresh the page if you have to) and read all about it; register; and start thinking about activities.

I can't wait to see you all there…spread the word!

Mike V.
AKT board, TIV staff 1988-2001

01-07 Augustine Martinez I had the pleasure to serve as Counselor the summers of 1968 and 1969. I worked as gymnastics instructor and head of the trips dept.

I am from Durango, Colorado. At that time I was 18 and 19 years of age and still in college. What a wonderful experience Kokosing was for me!

Since then, I have been a college administrator for 36 years. Serving as a Community College President twice. I am now living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina and soon to retire. Please share this with other era counselors and campers. I would like to communicate with these folks and possibly visit the area sometime in the future.

Augustine Martinez, Ph.D.
Dean of Levine Campus
Central Piedmont Community College
Office: 704-330-4221
Cell: 704-516-9527

12-02-06 Pete Horenstein

Hi all, although there are few who will remember me. I was at Kokosing in the early '40s. My first bunk,mates were Neil Trilling and Marty Granierer, and I still have a picture of the three of us with our counselor in front of Bunk 20. I think John Savage counselored in that bunk a year or two later. Werner Gaybauer is another counsellor I'd love to have news of. I remember he was a fine violinist. Sad to hear of your Dad's passing, and the tough few years since his stroke. We all loved him! I had read of Bill Sr.'s passing many years ago, and visited the camp site twice within the past 20 years (last it was Thoreau) - saw that the rec hall had burned, - many great memories of Gilbert & Sullivan shows there. Also remember your uncles, Don and Dick, and your grandma, who we all knew as "Mrs. "R". You come from great stock! My years at Kokosing were some of the best memories I have. Sorry the Mess Hall plaques are gone, -I had a few mentions there in waterfront endeavors. Would love to hear from you with more news of the family.

Best, -Pete Horenstein (


Betsy and Giulio Maestro MaestroBooks 74 Mile Creek Rd Old Lyme, CT 06371


Fax: 860-434-1620


I was at Camp Kokosing for a number of summers around 1956-1959 and I recognized some names form a posting by Jon Shapiro. The Castle Brothers and the Harris Brothers were definitely at camp when I was - also Peter Balbert. I do remember that both Judy Fleiss and Toni Brody were bunkmates of mine. My Mom, Norma Crippen was a counselor of the littlest kids along with Ulla Lofgren from Sweden. They remained friends for many years. I have so many wonderful memories of great times and great people - wonderful counselors like Ernie (theater) and Hans (photography) and of course all the trips - biking, hiking and canoeing. The most vivid memories are of the mishaps of course - getting lost on Mt. Mansfield for 11 hours, and getting rescued from Lake Winnipesaukee during a hurricane when our canoes filled with water.

Both Bill Sr. and Mrs. R. were at camp along with Bill Jr., Don, and their wives. And of course, Jack and Jill, the huge dogs. Although the summers were great when I was a kid, I have realized over the years just how wonderful this camp was. There was a mission and a philosophy built in to the everyday life at camp that would impact the lives of the campers in many ways throughout the years. For that, I am very grateful. Would love to hear from anyone who was at camp during this period. It is great to read about what camp was like for the decades after I was there and realize how similar all of our experiences were.

Betsy Crippen Maestro

9-06-06 Bob Margolis Hi Folks, Brief update: My film, "The Definition of Insanity" will be available as Video-On-Demand through Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cablevision and other cable outlets nationwide beginning September 15th and running for at least three months for anyone who is curious. More info at: Hope all is well wtih everyone! Best, Bob Margolis
09-01-06 Jon Schapiro Well, I found the Kokosing site quite by accident.

Ronnie - sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I was a camper there in 1955, 56, 58, 59 and 60. I remember bunkmates - John Ruskay, Danny Schechner, Lenny Leighton, Warren Suss and Jeff Friedman as well as the Harris brothers, the Castles, Steve Sugar, Dave Michaels, Nancy Meireich, Abby Golden and many others. My brother Jimmy was also there in 1955, 56 and 58. It's sad to hear the Camp has changed hands, but at least it hasn't been converted to upscale housing/condos.

Jon Schapiro
08-19-06 Charlotte B. dear former kokosingers,

a few hours ago i returned home from the inaugural summer of Camp Empire Lake, the camp that is now located on the former kokosing/thoreau property. out of curiosity i googled the two old camps, and i have seen that there is a lot of concern about the fate the your beloved camp. i want to assure you that the grounds are in good hands- keith, the owner of empire lake, is an experienced camp director and an incredible person. yes, empire lake is a fat camp, but please don't think that means boot camp. keith and his staff are providing the same invaluable summer experiences and memories to todays children that you recieved at kokosing and thoreau. their campers are learning to lead healthy lifestyles, respect their peers and their environment, work together, form meaningful relationships, explore new hobbies and activities, take risks, learn about and accept themselves, and make their corner of the world a better place. while i understand that change is very difficult, i hope you will rest easier knowing that the property on miller pond road is still serving an exceptional purpose: this summer i lost fifteen pounds and i feel i am on my way to a healthier lifestyle, i discovered sports i never knew i liked, andi made new friends and memories that i'll never forget. as i walked around the camp, i could feel the history, your history, around me, especially in the library, which is still filled with books, magazines, files from who knows when, and (my
favorite) a color war trophy from 1928-1931. your camp may not be running any more, but it is not forgotten. i encourage you to visit to learn about the incredible work that keith and his staff are doing.

07-05-06 Mike V. Hello friends from Camp Kokosing,

First of all, I wanted to mention to any and all of you interested in knowing; the ownership of the property at Miller Pond in Vermont has changed hands again. Since Kokosing's closing the property was owned by Dan Senecal, a resident of the Boston area, who leased it out to Camp Thoreau-in-Vermont (TIV) until its last summer in 2004. Although it will be leased again this summer to a camp calling itself Camp Empire Lake, the property is now owned by an organization called CampGroup They are in business to help manage camp programs and they have reached out to us, The Association of Kokosing and Thoreau to ask how our interests in the site currently stand. In the near future we are planning to have a formal meeting with them to determine the feasibility of starting another camp like Kokosing and Thoreau on that property.

This link
is a survey we would like filled out to get more ideas and information from you. Although it has been written with the more recent TIV community in mind we hope you take a moment to fill it out and pass the link along to other Kokosing friends. Or simply contact me with your thoughts

Sincerely yours in the outdoors,
Mike V.

Association of Kokosing and Thoreau
TIV staff 1988-2002
camping professional 1986-present
and current camp director
and me, etc.

07-03-06 Joyce and John Strachan

Attached is a picture of my husband's Mother taken in 1926 at Camp Kokosing. Click here to see photo. Her name the was Arline Phillips. She would have been 18 or 19 at the time.

She died in 1996. Can anyone tell us if she attended the camp for more than one summer. Could she have been a counselor there in in 1926?

Can you tell us if the Camp is still in existence?

Joyce and John Strachan, Anchorage, Alaska.

07-02-06 Ellen Bovarnick

Hello, I have just switched my email address from to

Please use this new address for all future emails and instant messages. Let me know if you have any trouble with my email address.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Thanks, Ellen

07-02-06 David Mickenberg, Camp Thoreau in VT Hey Kokosingers,

Well those of us trying to start a Camp Kokosing/Thoreau again wanted to get your ideas about the future of such a place, so we put together this little survey, or "Electronic Town Meeting."

Please take the one min. to fill the survey out and please, please, please forward it to all the folks in your networks. It will really help in our efforts to bring such a camp back sooner rather than later!

The link to the survey is at:
07-02-06 Roberta Gonzales I am sending this for my husband, Peter Belport. Peter attended Camp Kokosing in 1946, 1947 and 1948.

Our family album has several Camp Kokosing photos. Peter was one of Mr. R's gadflys. He captured the flags his last year of camp. Is there anyone out there who attended Camp in the late 40's?

If yes, then please contact Peter at
6-27-06 Ronnie Rothenberg Well, the Camp Kokosing property has been sold as of this month. Dan Senecal (previous owner) was in touch with me to confirm this and make arrangements for any memorabilia to be transfered to me and my family. I will make a trip up there sometime in July to see what is left. The property was bought by a large group that owns and runs quite a few camps around the U.S. I am unsure as to whether they own the weight loss camp that will be there this summer or not. It may be that they are renting out the space to them for the time being. It's amazing to see that the camp sold for about 15 times what we sold it for 29 years ago (my estimate). That's about a 10% increase per year! Not a bad investment. Be well... Ronnie Rothenberg
06-27-06 Peggy and Doug We're leaving this morning from Cleveland for a 3-week trip through Maine, Quebec, and Montreal. Tomorrow night we'll be in Hanover, which almost assures a side-trip to camp to check out what's going on there. Rain may keep us from getting up the hill, but we'll try. We'll report our findings when we return. Hope someone's still monitoring this bulletin board. Peggy and Doug Smith
06-18-06 Ashok Pratap

Ashok Pratap now living in India since the last forty years spent the summers of 61 and 62 as a swimming counselor at Kokosing. Has sent a detailed note of his memories (click to this link in the Writing Gallery) and has made a special request to help trace some people especially Harry Wachtel, a lawyer who had a son or daughter at the Camp in 1962. Please do read it and help if you can.


5-10-06 Ron Rothenberg

I spoke today (Sunday 5/7) with Dan Senegal. Dan purchased camp from my Dad and hisbrother Don 29 years ago. Dan told me that on Thursday (5/11) the camp will either be sold or leased for 3 years to the weight loss organization that will run a camp there starting this summer. I arranged with Dan to have certain memorabilia (which may still be on the camp property) saved for me until such time as I can get up there to retrieve them. It is unclear as to whether much of anything remains, but there may be a few things worth retrieving. If anything new occurs, I will let you know via the Kokosing website.


4-26-06 Andrea (Beck) Stegman

Just a brief note regarding my newly-received Kokosing t-shirt - it's great!!! I'm so happy with it. What memories it brought back! Thanks so much to Leah and everyone who made the shirts possible - you did a wonderful job, and I'll proudly wear my shirt for years to come (it's a nice, tough shirt, too - should stand up to wash after wash...).

Thanks again! -Andrea (Beck) Stegman, 1973-1974

4-4-06 Mike V

Hello Kokosing Community,

We are very excited to announce a week of family camp specifically for the communities of Camp Thoreau and Camp Kokosing. This is being hosted by our friends at Common Ground Camp in Vermont.

It's really happening!!!! Here's more info
Click on the link to Family Camp, down load a registration form, and come join us for a wonderful week in Vermont!!!

It's our next big initiative on the way to recreating a children's camp. It's not quite THE camp yet but think about the reunions we've had and multiply it by a factor of 7 (days that is).

Read back through the messages on this Kokosing web site, the former Camp Thoreau's site: and the club pages of the Thoreau community:

and it'll be evident why this is so important: these camp experiences make great difference in our lives. Ok, enough from me. Check out the info on the web site and please spread the word!

Take (and give) care,
Mike V
(TIV staff 1988-2001)

3-12-06 Mike V Here is another announcement about our efforts and progress. Because we all have more-than-full time jobs our progress has been slow. We are still committed to opening another children’s camp like Kokosing and Thoreau; we still are wishful if not hopeful for the property at Miller Pond in Vermont but sadly watching that chance slip away (currently under contract with sale pending…)

PLEASE mark your calendar for a week of Family Camp Aug.20-25 hosted by our friends at Camp Common Ground Center in Starksboro Vt.

This is open to all friends and family of Camp Kokosing, Camp Thoreau in New York, Camp Thoreau in Vermont.

I know we keep promising more details and they are coming together
nicely (just not too timely) It will happen and we'd LOVE to have
you there. We = AKT

3-23-06 Ron (Ronnie) Rothenberg

As some of you older campers may remember, at the end of each camp season, awards were given out at the Final Banquet. These awards were then inscribed on wooden plaques which decorated the walls of the Dining Hall. When my family sold Camp Kokosing in 1977, almost all of the plaques were put into storage and unfortunately were destroyed either from weather or other causes. Recently, I was contacted by a dear friend, Eleanor Rothschild, who was married to Howard Rothschild. Howard was a camper in the 30's and became a close friend of my Dad (Bill Jr.). Howard passed away about a year or so ago and Eleanor found a Kokosing plaque from 1932 among his stored belongings. She forwarded it to me along with an original Kokosing banner (triangular) in blue and grey also from the 30's. I have hung these on the wall of a new room that I just completed building in my country home in upstate New York. Among the other names on the plaque are my Dad (he was a Junior at 12 years old), my Da d's cousin Elbert (Eb) Tokaji (Tokay), Milton Travis, Peter Corn and Oscar Israel. I really treasure this piece of memorabilia and am very grateful to Eleanor for sending it to me.

My new e-mail address is


Kirsten (Meyer)

Hi all

My name is Kirsten (surname before marriage, Meyer), but has always been called Kis and so I was that wonderful summer of 1955.

I was in my last year of teachers college at the time, but stayed away because of my US adventure till october, exams in november and december. I got my teacher’ certificate, alright.

I have looked back to that summer so much, and I have even talked so much to children and grandchildren that my youngest daughter and one of my twin grandchildren have been spending a summer as a camp councellor, one up in Maine, the other in Chicago. But both enjoyed it very much too.

As part of my English exam, I wrote a report of a summer in an American camp, I also have quite a few photos life in camp.

Really I was just scribbling your camp name, and to my surprise, you were right there. Marvellous. Last year I found myself having relatives in US, New York, and in Israel. After having believed that family, that were not known to us had all perished in the Holocaust, it was a great experience.

I will attach a few photos now, but if you are interested I can send you more some other time.

I might be able to scan some of the report I wrote. It is a rather extensive description I made, unfortunately handwritten, as we did back in the 50-ties. And in a stange kind of format.

As a last comment, I will tell that I loved Bill and Mrs. R a lot. And the following summer they came to Denmark, so we had a very nice reunion. I think they met my parents as well.

Love from Kis Kirsten Nielsen
2950 Vedbśk
tlf 45893792, mobil 20923792

(Kirsten sent some photos which I will post with the next round of additions to the photo gallery - DK)

3-12-06 Bob Bayer I wondered what happened to Kokosing. Google had some answers. I recognized one name on the web site, Danny Niedenberg, who has passed on. I was at camp the summers of 55, 56, give or take a year. I remember taking the train, which started in NYC and stopped in Stamford CT, where I got on. The train was pulled by a steam engine from White River Jct. I learned to swim and at the end of one summer, brought home a shoe box full of garter snakes. I have lived in Maine since l972 and enjoy the rural life in the slow lane.
Best to all...Bob

Bob Bayer
Professor, Animal and Veterinary Sciences Director, Lobster Institute
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469 USA

2-5 Cary Beare

Hi, Do you have a way to contact Warren Austerer? I'm an old friend and have lost track of him. I went to his wedding in 1991 and haven't seen him since. He helped me get started in the music industry. Any info you have would be very appreciated. Feel free to pass my email on.

Cary Beare


Andrea, Lonnie and Rachel

Andrea Hirshman, Lonnie Lore and Rachel (Betty) Ellenberg just had a mini-reunion in Chattanooga, TN (home of Rachel). One of the highlights of the weekend, aside from our delight in seeing each other again, was after never accidentally bumping into anyone from camp, except for Andrea bumping into Rick Weisfeld on the Upper West Side and Lonnie bumping into Rachel and Bob Post on the Upper West Side, oh and once Lonnie bumped into Andy Berman in Central Park, well...guess what? We were walking in the Atlanta Airport and from across the crowded room, Andrea, after 33 years, sees a silhouette she recognizes, and says, "Oh I think that's Alice Gerard." So we race over to the spot and lo and behold it is indeed Alice, recently sprung from the Federal Pen. You may recall that she could not attend the reunion because her political activities had landed her in the clink. Alice, non-plussed, said, as if she had just seen us last week, "oh hi, I got your email yesterday." She was, of course referring to the email about ordering Kokosing t-shirts (order forms available on this web-site). It was great to see Alice and she will attend future reunions unless she is otherwise incarcerated.

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying lovely Chattanooga. The weather cooperated. We hiked, we shopped, visited sites and were as immature as Rachel's kids would allow.

1-27-06 Andrea

1) Orders are now being taken for Kokosing T-shirts ! Leah Rachlis (1968-72) copied the owl and woodblock letters from a worn and well loved Kokosing T-shirt. Shirts are gray with blue printing, 100%cotton, and available in two styles: a traditional men's-style T, and a smaller, shorter-sleeved women's version. 100% cotton. We are placing our order based on your response, so please get your orders in by February 20 using the form below. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Several people expressed a preference for the original design of the Kokosing T-shirt with just the owl and the words Camp Kokosing (omitting the slogan "Now is life's most precious time," which some of you may remember from the Memorial Library). We can only do one design and have decided to go with the scaled-down version without the slogan. The Reunions 'R' Us corporation is responsive to the concerns of our constituents and is always here to serve your Kokosing needs. Remember, order your T-shirt by February 20!

Click here to see and then print out the T-shirt order form:

2) We've had some updates since we distributed the address list in May.
-Rob Lawin —
-Eric Mishkin --
-Aileen Rothenberg (new e-mail) -

3) Webmaster David Kertzner (1973-75) is still posting your comments, message board entries, photos on the Camp Kokosing website:

12-20 Mike V.

Hi Leah,

Have you heard the latest? The site at Miller Pond is still for sale but is now being leased with a "right of first refusal" to the lessee. Worse than that, and this is my opinion, is the site will be dramatically modified this summer in ways that are not so good (to put it mildly.)

Look up

Now I realize, weight loss is pretty important in our culture but go-carts, paintball, hockey rink, a POOL!!! that's ridiculous!!! The need to proceed is ever more important and the ability to do so is getting slim. Our board has only raised enough so far that we will be hosting a week of family camp in conjuction with Camp Common Ground in Vermont. We still have our highest ideals on Miller Pond and another progressive kids camp but the struggle is...a struggle.

We'll just have to keep on keepin-on. be well,


12-09 Ginny Garrison FYI - There is a photo of Camp Kokosing on Ebay right now. Expires Dec. 16. Item number: 6234093686
11-20 Dan Kaplan Does anyone have an update on the possibility of camp reopening next summer? We are actively looking for a camp for our daughter. Does anyone have any suggestions for other camps to look at with a similar philosophy? Please email me at with any update or suggestions. Thanks. Dan(ny) Kaplan
10-18 Bob Margolis

Hey Paul,

I just saw the message about your documentary. Sorry I missed it and congratulations! I hope to see you in Boston. For anyone else in the Boston area, "The Definition of Insanity" is screening at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts on Tuesday, November 8th, 9:45 P.M. as part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival. Award-winning local singer-songwriter Amy Fairchild, whose music appears in The Definition of Insanity, will perform live before the screening. As additional incentive, my brother Dave and his family will be at the screening! More info at:

Best to all and happy autumn, Bob

09-26 Paul Lehrman Sorry I didn't get to see Bob's film, but I've been to the Website and it sounds hilarious. Depressing, but hilarious. I hope to see it in Boston in November. Good luck with it, Bob!

And speaking of films, I have a showing of a documentary film I produced in New York on October 9. It's about early-20th-century composer George Antheil and his notorious piece, "Ballet Mecanique."

It will be shown at the conference of the Audio Engineering Society, at the Javits Center, that Sunday at 5:00 pm. Strictly speaking it's not open to the public, but I can get people in for free on a special "VIP" pass if they tell me -- BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30 -- that they want to come. Email me at mail to or and I'll send you details. Meanwhile, you can get more information on the film and the subject at Best to everyone, Paul
09-01 Steve Kohn

If you went to Kokosing in these years I would like to talk to you-----most notably Richard Rolfe------Frank Saloman-----David Baylis----Carl Cowgill---David Levi-----Oscar or Eddie Bing------

peace and joy
This is from Steve Kohn.

09-01 Mike V. Dear Kokosingers one and all,

The summer may be waning but the heat is on. I have just been made aware of

another potential buyer to the Miller Pond road property. I, like you, would hate to see it change hands again (and in this case to become a sports/fitness/and diet camp). We also don't want to get into a bidding war with an already inflated price.

Many of you have given us the direct feedback of "there is no connection / link / way to donate at the web site:

Right you are, because we have not had a legal means to do so, until now!
The US govt. is about a year back logged in accepting 501c applications, our's is in but we now have to wait in line. We have been accepted by a fiscal sponsor in the interim so we will be posting our capital campaign very shortly. Meanwhile we have two significant avenues we are following that we need direct and immediate Kokosinger support (if we are to be true to our name and principles). We are seriously considering forming a LLC to secure the land (some of you may have gotten a personal email from me about this already) and we are hoping to expand the board of directors. We hope that there is interest among a few of you to apply yourselves or nominate to
this. Please contact me or any of the AKT board members directly.

Thanks in advance,

Mike V.

08-22 Bob Margolis

For any Kokosingites in the New York City area, my film "The Definition of Insanity", is playing Tuesday, August 30th at 7 PM at the Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd St. NYC).

I'll be there for a Q&A afterwards. More info at:

Best, Bob Margolis
Robert Margolis Dirt Road Films
223 West 14th Street, #3A New York, NY 10011 212-978-8945
Voicemail 917-539-7930 Cell Phone 866-717-2047 Fax

08-08 Steve Blum I have the pleasure of announcing the successful formation of "The Association of Kokosing and Thoreau" which is already becoming known as AKT. This is a non-profit organization formed to bring back Camp. It will raise money and hire a Director and other personnel to operate the camp. Of course, we hope it will do much more: this organization is a way for us all to connect and bring back to life a place, an effort, a community, and a spirit that has meant so very much to us. As Kieran McGrath said recently, "Why refuse to let Camp fade away? Because we love it and it changed us for the better!"

Our goal is an ambitious one. We hope to raise a whole lot of money in the next six months. Our official Capital Campaign begins in September but, I guess, this message marks the "unofficial" start of the campaign. Our time table calls for us to have Camp (at this time referred to as Camp Kokosing-Thoreau) up and running in the Summer of 2006. Our non-profit status will allow us to receive donations (which will be tax deductible for the donors) as well as tuition. This, in turn, will put Camp on a better financial footing and allow us to greatly expand the scholarship and diversity programs. As in the past, lots of young people, from all kinds of backgrounds and places and experiences, will come together each summer to form our very special camp community.

"How can I get involved and help?" I can hear you asking those words as you read this. There are so many ways. Here are some of them:

-Give money;
-Raise lots of money (by contacting Kieran McGrath and joining the Fundraising Committee. Kieran is at;
-Get the word out - please email or otherwise forward this message to everyone you know from Thoreau and Kokosing;
-Come to the big Reunion on September 17th in Massachusetts (part of the festivities there will be to honor Greg for all he has done these 25 plus years). There will be many friends to see and a whole lot to talk about...

The home of this effort is our website at: Please visit the website, read more about AKT, and sign up there to be part of it.

I am looking forward to seeing, speaking with, and hearing from all of you as we come together to keep alive our special place.

Yours truly,-Steve Blum

08-01 Meryl Herwood

Wow. How sad am I. No one even declared me missing or even listed me. Senior Aide in Dramatics along with Jeannie Berlin in 1965. Returned as an Assistant Drama Counselor in 1969. I'm in several pictures, listed as Meryl Harwood. Well it was actually 'Herwood'.

Read the rest of Meryl's Recollections ... in the Writing Gallery

06-09 Rachel Ellenberg Schulson Lost your old Kokosing T-shirt? We are looking into reproducing the original. Please email Rachel Schulson ( and let her know how many and what sizes (adult and child should be available). Price will be determined once we see how many orders we get.
06-06 Debbie Kaplan

The posting by me about Camp Common Ground [see link at the end of this message] was a message written by my friend, Martha Siegel. I've never been to the camp, but it's run by old friends of mine from Brooklyn, who moved to Burlington, Vermont about 15 years ago, and started this camp. Another of my friends, Martha Siegel, is the music teacher at the camp. Coincidentally, Martha is an old friend of Joan Balter's - Joan went to Kokosing I think in the 60's. Anyway, I think a lot of Kokosing folks would love this camp. Though I've never been, it sounds like a Kokosing kind of place, and a nice vacation spot for families.


Click here to read a Press Release about Camp Common Ground.

05-31 Rachel Ellenberg Schulson After a two-month lull, I am getting a number of Kokosing-related emails again. The emails are in response to the group email that Andrea, Lonnie, and I sent last night that mentioned Kokosing T-shirts. (NOTE: If you did not receive the email, we may not have your email address. Please send it to

Within a few hours of sending the email, I had an offer from Leah Rachlis to design and get the T-shirts manufactured; a web address from Gina Gold for a T-shirt company; and orders from Ron Rothenberg, Peggy Coburn, and Alan Rosenberg along with thanks. Alan's email also included a promising report on the health of his son who had been ill during the months we were corresponding about the reunion. What a great community this is! I hope we continue to stay in touch-there is something about sharing a history that is irreplaceable.
05-31 Rachel Ellenberg Schulson

Click HERE to print out the order form for the Reunion DVD
(These are Kokosing photos that were shown on the screens at the reunion, not photos from the Reunion Weekend.)

05-25 Bob Margolis Great to see everyone at the reunion! For any Kokosingites in the New York City area, my film "The Definition of Insanity", is playing Tuesday, June 7th at 10 PM at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Brooklyn Int. Film Festival (2/3 train to Brooklyn Museum). I'll be there for a Q&A afterwards. More info at or at
05-24 David Kertzner Click HERE to see Reunion Photos on an AOL photo gallery site. You may have to download the AOL photo viewer to see these, so be forewarned. Once on the page, click on View Album as guest - just next to the thumbnail photo from the gathering in Central Park on Sunday.
05-16 Leah Rachlis Okay - reunion reflection - take 5... I am glad you mention the lack of traffic on the previously very busy web site. I have tried to write the web site a number of times - I think having actual (current) faces has changed the experience somewhat, there was a surreal feeling to all this before the reunion.

Read the rest of Leah's Reunion Reflection ... in the Writing Gallery
05-12 Carin Thall

to the LWKO..i am glad i wrote this shortly after the reunion..tho saved it because the website was not in action....i, like you, do hope to hear more post reunion is mine thanks again to andrea. lonnie and guys had a vision and you made it come true...we are all grateful..and to the rest of the committee-the website will help us continue our rekindled friendships and we will cherish the will always spark new memories for me..

Read the rest of Carin's A Nite to Remember in the Writing Gallery

05-12 Another L.W.K.O. The L.W.K.O. is confused. So many people came to see him in NYC and then never wrote to see how he was doing after the reunion. He had high hopes that this reunion would bring about a flurry of activity and he's stunned by the quiet. Where is everyone? Have people all moved to Vermont to be closer to past memories of good times. Or are they still gathering their thoughts so they sound intelligent when they finally do write to the L.W.K.O. He's a little lonely and would like to hear from people. Were they happy to see him? Would they like to see him again? Were they happy to see anyone else? Were they able to recapture some of those feelings from summers long ago? Are they even checking the website on a daily basis to see if their friends and family have written? Please clear up the confusion for the L.W.K.O. Thanks.
05-06 L.W.K.O. The L.W.K.O reports that L.L-B. A.H., R.B.E-S, D.K and J.V. all put on a spectacular bash in N.Y.C. It was great to see that some romances first uncovered in L.W.K.O.'s column 30 years ago still flourish. That's right, power couples like D.S & P.W.S. and J.G. & S.P.G. are still going strong. It was equally heartwarming to witness reunions among other former loves, crushes, infatuations and even rivals. It has been confirmed that both D.P. and A.N. asked G.G. to go steady... at the same time! G.G. is reported to have said they were thirty years too late, but that her inner child fully appreciated the gesture. We also heard that A.R., who loved L.C. back in the 70s, got to have dinner with her and her siblings before the event. And who wasn't reminded of the last dance at the social when they saw K.H. looking way up into B.M.'s eyes once again.

It was particularly moving to see A.R. and her son R.R. once again standing before a gathering of campers. Sure, there was an open bar instead of a flagpole, but it was just like old times.

Ah yes, the Camp Kokosing reunion has set the L.W.K.O awash in a sea of nostalgia. This little white owl can still smell the scent of a fresh Kokosinger sliding off the mimeograph before deadline. Watching campers thumb through page after page of that beautiful purple ink just to see whose initials had made it in that week.

Yes happy campers, even after a three-decade hiatus, the L.W.K.O still knows love when he (or she?) sees it. And there was so much love at that reunion it was palpable.

-- L.W.K.O.
05-05 Barry Mazor

Yes, congratulations for giving us all a truly singular and unforgettable event, to everybody who did the work to make it happen. This reunion should be seen as a chance, also, to keep in touch on an ongoing basis, let Kokosing friends know what we're up to--or heading their way--and as a kind of ongoing extension of this community. So it's great that David (and Paul too?) will be getting things set up where message posting and responding will be an easy and ongoing thing. That wasn't possible in "those" Kokosing days; it is in THESE Kokosing days. And my experiences along these lines elsewhere suggests how much "in touch" that can feel.

05-03 Francis Harris First, I want to to congratulate Andrea, Rachel, Lonnie, David Kertzner, and Jeffrey Vahanian for the outstanding job they did in making the the reunion such a memorable event.

Another chapter in the history of Camp Kokosing was written on April 16 and 17. Saturday night at Kevin St. James was spectacular. It was like the final social and banquet combined times 100. There was so much electricity in the air with people laughing and telling stories. The DVD presentation, thanks to Mr. Vahanian, was superb (I love the soundtrack). Simply put, the event was what Kokosing was all about, friendship, good times, and alot of laughter. I hope it wasn't the final chapter but I'll never forget it. To everyone who attended the festivities of those two days, it was simply great seeing you all. Please stay eternally young at heart until we see each other again.

Francis Harris
04-30 Jeffrey Vahanian

Not long before the reunion, I wrote Andrea Hirshman that the coming event will serve "as a reference point back to another place in time. We are getting to revisit not only each other, but ourselves. This time, bringing our years of experience and perspective to bear in a way that is helping us see ourselves a little more clearly....." What an amazing gift...that we could hit the "hyperspace" button and actually come together again. Even greater, that upon arrival after 31 years, the energy and affection seemed timeless...

Read the rest of Jeffrey's wonderful Reunion Reflections in the Writing Gallery

04-29 Steve Kirschner Chris Vena said it well, " To see Campers morph...................................................", Thanks....................Y'All...........a Metaphor to share that truly puts it in a Nutshell, Wendy Hollander let me know that she is a Botannicle Illustrator and apparently her being involved with others in building and observing a Dam we worked on a stream flowing toward our Lake, had been an inspiration to her. Ripples occur so subtly, All I can Say to All is Thanks later Contact anytime; S.A. Kirschner 6509 Colonial Dr. Margate, FL. 33063 954-984-5147
04-27 Bruce Jackman I can't believe I will be one of the first to post on the message board after the reunion; after all I didn't contribute that much leading up to the event. I think all of you would agree, what an event it was.

OOOOOOOOOOOutstandingggggggggggggggggg! To the organizers. Thank you so very much for organizing this reunion. I know it took a lot of time and effort to pull this off; however, attending the reunion will be one of the highlights of my life. I mean that sincerely!

In closing, as evidence that I didn't review the site as frequently as I should have, I'll respond to Carin Thall's email in late January. When we spoke last night, she mentioned that her son's could not believe that she was an athlete; and my immediate response was, "I remember when you played softball". So I will attest to your athletic prowess, back-in-the-day. The final socials at summers end were just so hard! The final social put an exclamation point on the end of a summer where friendships and relationships had begun during our formative teenage years. Carin, I too remember that dance and thirty years later, I thank you for it! BTW, I always wondered where my overalls went? ;-) LOL to all. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

04-27 Lonnie Lore I hardly had a chance to catch my breath post-reunion, since I had to go quickly from Reunion mode to Passover mode. In a way, it made the transition a little easier. But basically it just put off the inevitable feeling of sadness that it was all over. I got away with avoiding the pain for a week and wham, on Monday, it hit me like a ton of bricks, it's over! ...

Read the rest of Lonnie's Post Reunion Thoughts in the Writing Gallery.
04-27 Chris Vena I'm still floating over the decades that washed away seeing so many special faces from those glorious fun filled years at Kokosing. Seeing my "kids" morph into the adults and parents of teens themselves was thrilling. Recognizing all of them without looking at the name tags meant my memory is not as lost as I'd thought. Seeing friends I had been a camper with-Lisa, Linda, Andy, Joan and having seen the updates about Todd, Evan and Eric made me feel like a kid again. It's incredible how the years just melt away. I loved seeing the surprise on Gary Golding's face when I reminded him that I'd been at his wedding. Seeing my posse of close friends before the reunion continues to be priceless. Too little time to catch up on so many years. (See kids you get very nostalgic when you get old-er.) My heartfelt thanks to the organizers of this joyful event and the great pictures and slideshow. I can't express my appreciation without getting tearful. I whole heartedly volunteer for any assistance I can provide for the next one. And most of all thanks to the Rothenbergs for their vision, and their hearts. They'll always be a part of mine. Love & lots more Hugs, Chris Vena
04-27 Jeff Shushan Hello fellow Kokosingers...
What a wonderful weekend! I loved just drinking in, all of these old faces, that somehow, found their way into my soul, during those years at camp.
There is such a joy in knowing that we all share something as innocent as those years we spent together.

In my twenties, I had a career as an Outward Bound Instructor..and later a long stint, as a consultant to 4-H...working with experiential education and kids...At the moment, 20,000 kids a year, go through the Challenge Program, that I set up with 4-H, over twenty years ago, here in Washington State...And all of this, has roots, back at Kokosing.

Thank you to the organizers, for making this happen...Andrea, Betty and Lonnie, in particular! It is truely a lifetime event, that will find it's place, right along side all of those other 'summer' memories.

I'm looking forward to staying in touch, with many new, 'old' friends.

And, any time anyone comes to the NW...please call me, and stay a while at my place in Seattle. Even if we don't know each other, we'll just have to have a begining, as Camp Alumni....

Take care everyone.
Again, thank you for a wonderful weekend!
Much Love

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